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Welcome to the Governor's Office of Energy Development’s Tax Credit Application Portal

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Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit - Solar PV
Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) applications (both residential and commercial) are filled out through this portal.  

For wind, geothermal heat pump, and solar-thermal systems, the application is in paper/digital form found at the link below.  Learn more about Utah’s Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit at  Frequently Asked Question about the Solar PV tax credit (FAQ)

High Cost Infrastructure Tax Credit (HCITC)
The HCITC is a non-refundable tax incentive designed to boost investment in qualifying infrastructure projects that will benefit the state through the construction of new infrastructure or through the expansion of existing infrastructure. 
Learn more about Utah’s HCITC at or by contacting Dan Royal, Incentives Manager, at 801-538-8729 or